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To access the hotel located between Auvergne and Ardeche

The Mézenc Massif is situated in the south-east of the Auvergne and the Massif Central, very close to the Ardeche. Close to the towns of Saint Etienne and Lyon, our accommodation is ideally located for a getaway or a holiday in peace and full nature. The village of Estables is 15 km from the sources of the Loire.

  • 6h from Paris, via Clermont-Ferrand
  • 1h15 from Saint-Etienne
  • 1h50 from Lyon, via Saint-Etienne
  • 1h45 from Valence, via Montélimar
  • 2h10 from Clermont-Ferrand
  • 3h10 from Montpellier, via Mende
  • 3h20 from Marseille, via Montélimar
  • 5h from Toulouse, via Mende

L'hôtel, sur Google Map

Si vous venez en voiture...

Coordonnées GPS des Estables

Lattitude (decimal): 44.904907
Longitude (decimal): 4.161065

Lattitude (sexagesimal): N 44°54’17.67″
Longitude (sexagesimal): E 4°9’39.84″

Altitude 1370 m.

Conseil pour l'utilisation du GPS

Advice when using a SatNav : enter “LES Estables” (not “Estables”) as the destination…

Etat des routes

To know the motoring conditions in winter, see :

Conseils pour l'hiver

  • Avoid to come via the Gerbier de Jonc, especially if wind announced.
  • From Le Puy en Velay, choose the road via Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille instead of via Laussonne (to avoid the snowdrifts).
  • Don’t come via Chaudeyrolles, the road is closed at the pass of Croix de Peccata.

Vous préférez venir en train ?

Horaires de Paris aux Estables et des Estables à Paris

For timetable for train, contact us. This timetable, for information, matches our shuttle and the organised stay first day (in principle on Saturday).
Shuttle between Le Puy station and Les Estables (about 35 mn) organised by ourselves on Saturdays, once a day, subject to booking and for people who booked a week holiday. Please enquire at least one week in advance. Limited places number.

Taxi : Jacques Falcon : 04 71 05 01 30. Rate of the trip : € 70 about during the week and € 90 on Sunday, at night and in the case of snow (non-contractual fare).

Vous souhaitez venir à pied ?

  • From the GR 7/GR 420 (when coming from the north) : At Croix de Peccata, walk down towards the Maison Forestière (900 m), pick up the GR 40 and stay on it until you reach Les Estables (1800 m). In the village, follow the signs to “Borée – Mont Mézenc – Croix de Boutières” (700 m).
  • from the GR 40 : follow the GR 40 until you reach Les Estables. In the village, follow the signs to “Borée – Mont Mézenc – Croix de Boutières” (700 m).
  • from the GR 7/GR 420 (when coming from the south) : At Croix de Boutières, follow the route leading westwards to Les Estables. Before the village, find the hotel (2 km from the pass).